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Kickstarter Art Project Moonlight Hero > 35 Ltd Edition Artist Prints

Our first Kickstarter campaign turning the Moonlight Hero acrylic painting on canvas by Doug Kemp into 35  limited edition artist prints - Kickstarter close date 19 Nov 2022

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One Of Our Backers

Ben up north, legend! Owner of a signed Giclee print by Doug Kemp 1 of 35 limited edition artist prints.

The “Moonlight Hero” design has been added to Doug’s print-on-demand collection. The products are listed below:

Moonlight Hero Painting To 75 Limited edition Artist Prints Kickstarter Nov 200 Heroes Villains Pop Art Collection

Kickstarter Art Project Moonlight Hero Into Limited Edition 35 x Artist Prints November 2022

Our first Kickstarter campaign turning the Moonlight Hero acrylic painting on canvas by Doug Kemp into 75  limited edition artist prints – Kickstarter Closed: 19th November 2022

Kickstarter Project Status

Moonlight Hero Project Status On Kickstarter

Kickstarter Project Close: 19th November 2022
Project Funding Goal: £4,500
Kickstarter status: Closed – Failed to hit 100% of the funding goal.

Turning A Kickstarter Fail InTo A Mini-Win

All creative projects suffer setbacks, so in order to turn this Kickstarter failure into a mini-win we did the following.

  1. Reduced the maximum edition number of the Moonlight Hero from 75 to 35
  2. Contacted our existing backers, honouring their original pledges (See message below)
  3. Created Moonlight Hero as a product on the website and provided a discount code.

Moonlight Hero Status

The first set of prints are in and we are preparing these for dispatch to our original backers.

Heroes Villains Femme Fatals And The Art Of War Pop Art Collection Doug Kemp

Title: Moonlight Hero (Hero’s & Villains)
75 (Now 35) x Ltd Edition Giclée Prints
Size: 27″x27″ – 69.5 x 69.5 cm
Artist: Doug Kemp #PopArtDoug

Kickstarter Project Information

Project Info

Kickstarter Project Launch: 21 September 2022
Kickstarter Project Close: 19th November 2022
Project Funding Goal: £4,500
Project Status: Closed, failed to reach 100% of the funding goal

Addendum – This project was completed and the Moonlight Hero has been made. The edition has been reduced from 75 to 35 – All Kickstarter pledges have been honoured.

About: Typically Doug Kemp’s artist prints sell for between £280 to £700. Why Kickstarter? – This provides buying power to complete the entire print run in one hit. For many artists producing high-quality artwork, the problem is the classic one of cash flow, financing an entire collection of 75 prints in one go would be prohibitive. Before crowdfunding, Doug typically produced about only 5 or 10 prints at a time. However, this raises related issues of batch control and increased unit costs.

Near-cost artist prints – With your help, and the Kickstarter crowdfunding model we are seeking 59 backers who will pay £85 so that we can complete the entire limited edition print run in one batch.

Kickstarter rules – If the project does not hit its target funding prior to 19th November all funds are returned by Kickstarter.

Progress Updates – Follow this project’s status updates below the main content here. Stay in the loop, you can also sign up for infrequent email notifications for key project milestones.

Pledge £2 or more

Win 1 of 10 Moonlight Hero Artist Proofs – Help us reach our funding goal with two chances to win. Randomly selected names will receive one of two ‘Doug Kemp Moonlight Hero Artist Proofs’ (reliant on funding target being achieved) that will be set aside for this reward tier. Show your support for this #PopArtDoug Kickstarter project – we aim to get all prints sent out in plenty of time for Christmas. 27″x27″ – 69.5 x 69.5 cm with 7cm paper border artist proof print

November 2022

Anywhere in the world


Pledge £85 or more

A PopArt Doug signed limited edition artist print – Hurry, only 59 Moonlight Hero prints are available in this reward tier.

One of the Moonlight hero prints version numbers from 2 to 60,

November 2022

Anywhere in the world


Pledge £380 or more (No Longer Available)

First Edition – Print version no 1 of 75 in the limited edition ‘Hero’s & Villains – Moonlight Hero’ artist print series. Signed and clearly versioned by Doug Kemp – Be the one to own the 1st in the series (Highly collectable)

November 2022

Anywhere in the world


Pledge £1950 or more

Be the one to own the original Moonlight Hero acrylic painting on paper, painted in the 1990s by Pop Artist Doug Kemp. This highly collectable piece of art is from the Hero’s and villains’ artist collection and comes with an autographed frame & certificate of authentication.

November 2022

Anywhere in the world


Kickstarter Project 01 – Moonlight Hero Doug Kemp

Moonlight Hero. 25×25″ (63.5cm approx). Originally an acrylic painting on paper from the 1990s, now to be converted into 75 signed & highly collectable limited edition artist pop art prints.

Painted by the British pop artist Doug Kemp and part of the ‘Heroes & Villains Artist Collection’.

Now into his 80s, Doug still paints every day and has built up an impressive collection of works on canvas, paper and limited edition artist prints.


“People who like putting people into pigeon holes, place my work in the Pop Art genre, but I don’t consider myself as a Pop Artist really, although perhaps its first cousin. I’m an Industrial City Painter, which used to be called a Modernist fifty years ago.” Doug Kemp

As an artist Doug describes himself as a colour and lineman who ‘colleagues’ anything seen or felt from his life and time span – it’s called zeitgeist these days.  His work is narrative with dark forces within a comic style. With themes that embrace retro times, his characters are simultaneously humorous, tragic, stylish and visually dynamic.

Born in 1939 – Doug Kemp (#PopArtDoug) studied art at Walthamstow College of Art and was a graduate of the Royal Academy of Art Schools in the sixties.

  • Fellowship of the Gloucester College of Art
  • Senior lecturer at Loughborough College of Art and Design

Doug has just as much love of 10th Century Romanesque wall painting as the golden age of comics, which are all defined as line and colour people. He is an ‘Industrial & City Painter’, which used to be called a ‘Modernist’ fifty years ago.

Many things and people have influenced him, in particular Art Deco, the French painter Fernand Léger and Max Beckmann.

Now in his eighties, his work output is still prolific, spending time every day in his Suffolk studio on large-scale paintings and preparation for printmaking.

Giclee, from the French term “la giclee” is translated as “sprayed or spreyed”. It has been adopted to refer to how a specialist, large format and high-resolution inkjet printer is used to produce high-quality giclee prints, intricately applying the inks and matching colours, to give the artist a faithfully reproduced high-quality print.

Doug Kemp’s giclee artist print series originates from a master painting (in this instance an acrylic on paper) from this originating piece of artwork no more than 75 limited edition artist prints are produced. However, following tradition, 10 additional prints are produced as APs (Artist proofs) and are named/marked as such.

These additional artist’s proof prints were traditionally used by artists for barter, as gifts and even used for paying for lodging.
In this Kickstarter project, we are seeking a total of 59 reward Tier 3 backers, who will be, in effect. buying the art at close to the production cost.

Printed on high-quality 300gsm textured white satin paper
Yes! Doug Kemp artist prints typically sell for between £300 and £900 depending on the format medium, subject matter and the total versions in existence.
Just on word and mouth, we know of around 25 collectors who will be jumping onto this art as an investment opportunity. Our preference is to ship the prints towards the end of November.

Don’t delay… Please share this project, the quicker we hit close to our funding goal the earlier we can start production.

This provides buying power to complete the entire print run in one hit, For many artists producing high-quality artwork, the problem is the classic one of cash flow, financing an entire collection of 75 prints in one go would be prohibitive.

Before crowdfunding, he would typically produce only 5 prints at a time however this raises related issues of batch control and increased unit costs…

With close to 100 designs in the print collection (Including linocuts, monoprints, silkscreens and giclée prints) it has not been feasible until now, to complete longer runs.

With your help and the use of the Kickstarter crowdfunding platform, our goals are

  • Complete the full series of 75 prints in a single print run.
  • Based on the success, launch similar Kickstarter projects for other paintings in the ‘Heroes & Villains Artist Collection’
  • Reward existing collectors of Doug Kemp’s paintings and prints.
  • Promote awareness of Doug’s art and website.
  • Build our community and share our journey via our Kickstarter Blog.

Homeowners, business owners, lollipop ladies, dictators or even heads of state – Doug would say that art is conceptual and if you like it… Hang it.

By becoming a backer for this pop art Kickstarter project, you are entering a little bit of pop art history whilst enabling the creation of 75 new works of art (at close to cost) that will have a continued lasting legacy and will be enjoyed for generations to come.

We have set aside a couple of the ten APs (artist-proof) version of the moonlight hero for prize draws on social media. Two APs have been set aside here in reward tier 1, take a small punt and help us reach our funding goal. Winners are chosen at random.

*Update – We will be adding prizes to other social channels. Watch this space for info…

One Man And His Doug – A Review


Kansas City Art Institute president Tony Jones. Born in Great Britain, Jones is an internationally known arts administrator, broadcaster, educator (with six honorary doctorates, no less), and historian, specializing in the art, design, and architecture of the Modern Age.

When asked by the InKansasCity channel “What’s your favourite piece of art?”.

“This is part of a long and complex series of paintings and prints that illustrate the story of a shifting cast of characters caught up in a tangle of relationships and incidents, with cities and landscapes real and imagined.”

“For me, It is like finding a book that has all the pages blank—except one. And that single page drops you into the middle of a fascinating story with colourful characters and mysterious overtones—but you don’t know what happened before, or what will happen after that solo page.”

“This painting is like that page. I’ve had Hither & Thither since it was painted and it’s as magnetic now as when first seen.” Tony Jones – KCLA

Read the full story:

Moonlight Hero Kickstarter Updates & Project Progress

We will be posting project updates here,  subscribe for ‘infrequent’ milestone notification emails.

Thank you for your interest in my Father’s work.   If you want to make an old artist very happy and help push this project along, please use the share buttons and post to your social networks.

We would like to run more of these projects and appreciate any help you can give

Thanks again.

Luke Kemp

More Art Stories From Doug Kemp

Moving On Mini Collection

A reflection of the time and, perhaps, a natural but not necessarily conscious progression from the Divorce series.

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Pop Artist Video Interviews & References

Pop art artist video interviews with Doug Kemp, a pop post-modernist artist, and his son Luke Kemp. These interviews take a lighthearted look at individual paintings and provide a unique perspective on Doug Kemp’s work. These interviews produced by Luke could also have been called “Interviews with my artist father.” Explore the vibrant and colorful perspective through the eyes of the paintings artist #PopArtDoug.

Doug wanted to add that in no way were these interviews rehearsed.

Artist Print Types – The Different Formats

The different formats of Artist print types explained. Linocut, Giclee & Silk screen print collections from Doug Kemp .

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Giclee Artist Prints

Spelt correctly, Giclée is a French word for spray (little sprey!). This is a digital printing process in which a dedicated type of ink-jet printer is used with specialist inks to produce a high quality Art print. As an artist, I feel a Giclée print produces a better finish than other types of modern artist printing formats.

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Linocut Artist Prints

A Linocut is a relief print that is produced like a woodcut but uses lino as the surface from which the design is carved as a template used for the printing. In making a Linocut, basically your design uses the raised (uncarved) areas for the different inks to print the same picture over and over.

silkscreen print collection doug kemp pop art post modernist popartdoug large optimized

Silkscreen Print Collection

Creating screen prints – The inks are forced through a mesh screen onto the printed surface. This enables certain areas of the screen template to be made impervious to the printing ink, in effect creating a stencil. The ink that is able to pass through forms the printed image.

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