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A collection of Pop Art video interviews and the references used in PopArtDoug’s painting collections – Doug Kemp UK Pop Artist

DC Vs Marvel – PopArt Doug Video Interview #014

Born in 1939, Doug-Kemp is the same age as Superman, and has grown up alongside the evolution of comic book art, which has become a medium as inspirational and impactful as classical art and other art forms.

Diga-Diga Doo V2 Painting – PopArt Doug Video Interview #013

From a blank canvas, the painting started as only a circle resting on a platform but grew to incorporate other elements such as the glass cabinet containing a jumble of different items that also appear as transparent as the glass. The female character in the painting is...

Angels V3 Painting – PopArtDoug Interview #009

The word shazam (which is often associated with DC comics' Captain Marvel as a means of transforming into the superhero) is a word also used to introduce an extraordinary deed, story, or transformation.

Paradise in 1968 Doug Kemp, posing at Castle Godwyn

“Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep.”


Doug Kemp

Doug Kemp, Castle Godwyn, Paradise in 1968

Murder In Soho Art Painting Video Interview #005

Intent on committing a crime or searching for the source of the foul play, the pattern that plays across the man's shoulder is representative of the shadows and highlights cast when entering any such amusement arcade.  When directly asked which of the characters is the murderer in this painting? Doug states...

Moving On Pop Art Painting Video Interview #004

Considered by Doug to be a transitional painting. ‘Moving On’ was painted in 2010 and at a time when Doug's art was evolving from a figurative portraiture style to that of abstract where ...

The Running Man Painting Pop Art Video Interview #003

Despite the circular background remaining in the same position as its twinned painting (Running Woman). There is a reversal in the sense that whereas ‘The Running Woman’ is running into the frame, our male character here is facing outwards.  However, he is not running away, but rather...

Pop Art Stories Video – The Running Woman Painting

A Big target with a woman running through it, with an ample piece of leg in there. There is some kind of abstract shapes and images on the right-hand side of the painting, And there is someone falling as well. So Doug tell us about this painting.

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