Doug Kemp artist photo galleries acrylic pop art post modernist paintings #PopArtDoug

Artist Pop Art Photo Gallery

Artist Photo Gallery

In September 2022, we embarked on a laborious yet rewarding process of updating and improving Doug Kemp's artist photo gallery. This involved meticulously unpackaging each painting and taking another set of improved photographs to truly capture the essence of his art. 

Doug Kemp Gallery Photo’s

Spring 2023 Photos.  More images of Doug with his work has been added to this website.   We are continuing the process of updating his web pages with the new content.

Cold Photo Shoot Dec 2022.   Despite the limited time available and dealing with the coldness of an outdoor photo shoot in December – The attention to detail and speed required in this process, we have done our best to ensure the colors and textures of the paintings were captured in the best possible way, given the challenges.

doug kemp publicity gallry photos of artist and work optimized

We hope these photos will provide viewers a more accurate representation of the artist’s work. Although the process was long and often arduous, the end result was worth it, as we are now able to showcase Doug Kemp’s work in a more refined and polished manner, and we will gradually replace all of the older images, currently in use.

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