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pop art paintings by doug kemp from the 2000s

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Artist Blog News & Updates

Artist News & Updates

Doug Kemp Gallery Artist Blog. Self-perspective and No-nonsense views of the art world news in general.

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Magician Art Series Of Paintings

The hero of the paintings references a paparazzi photographer from the 1930s known as Weegree who had an uncanny ability to find and photograph a crime scene sometimes even before the police arrived.

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By popular request, Doug Kemp paintings undergoing conversion into Giclee prints. Register your interest now and pre-order.

Art in the City & Urban Environments

Relationships In urban landscapes modern art In the city. Buildings, composition and other city elements. used as backdrops in telling the artist story.

ART STORY – The Kursaal, Painting Backstory

In the 1950s people of the East end of London often went to places like Southend-on-Sea (people from “South of the river” had “their” Margate), which is actually little more than the Thames estuary.

Paradise in 1968 Doug Kemp, posing at Castle Godwyn

“Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep.”


Doug Kemp

Doug Kemp, Castle Godwyn, Paradise in 1968

ART STORY – Little Bohemia Painting Backstory

Art story - Little Bohemia  45" x 50" inches acrylic painting on canvas by Doug Kemp.  This painting depicts the botched raid by the FBI (then called the Division of Investigation) against the John Dillinger Gang who were staying at the Little Bohemia Lodge

ART STORY – Marie Provost, Poor Marie, Painting

On January 21, 1937, Prevost died of acute alcoholism at the age of 40. Her body was not discovered until neighbours raised the alarm after complaining about her pet dachshund, Maxie incessant barking.

ART STORY – Madam Klang and The G-men

Madam Klang is a 1930s comic book villainess, her father an eye-patch wearing villain, missing half of his left leg, is a Chinese evil genius with ambitions of ruling America by destroying the US fleet with his infer-red heat ray.

ART STORY – Ruth Ellis 14 Minutes

14 minutes depicts the sad tale of Ruth Ellis. She was the last woman to be hanged in England for the crime of murder. Ellis was convicted of the murder of her lover, David Blakely, on Easter Sunday 1955. She was hanged by state executioner, Albert Pierrepoint,

Art Story – Dolly Silvers Curtains

I came into the world at the very beginning of WWII, Except for the occasional flashes of the German Luftwaffe our world was coloured by browns muddy yellow ochre and muddy greens.

ART STORY – ANGELS 2 Painting Backstory

Art story - 'Angels 2 1933'  45" x 50" inches acrylic painting on canvas by Doug Kemp.  This painting is depicting the story of US Gangster  John Herbert Dillinger who was an American gangster active during the Great Depression.

Art Featuring Nudes & The Female Nude Form

Pop art paintings and prints collection, featuring nudes and the female naked form. Influencing references of 25,000-year-old of fertility deities to the renaissance nudes. Doug Kemp fine art collection

Relationships Art Collection

Relationships Art Collection - Paintings & Prints Featuring Couples We often think the path for all intimate relationships is the progress from [...]

1980s Pop Art By Doug Kemp

1980s Pop Art paintings painted between 1980 to 1989, Lecturing career in place, more time on Dougs hands and an abundance of studio space the 1980s allowed for the creation of a greater body of work.

1970s Pop Art Paintings And Prints

1970s Pop Art paintings painted between 1970 to 1979, In terms of an established style this is considered by some as Doug Kemps "coming of age".

Dancing Times Fine Art Collection

Dancing Times Fine Art Collection - Tango, Twist, Disco, Punk, Electro swing. All vertical expressions of a horizontal desire. Dancing Times Fine Art Collection Of Paintings & Prints

Divorce Series Art Collection

Divorce art series of paintings and prints. As it is Luke (Doug's son) building and writing a lot of the content for this online gallery. I wanted to add a photo that had SPECIAL meaning to me personally. Doug has been married twice and subsequently divorced twice, which is one more than me and one less than my mother.

Frame sizes for printed artwork

Framing Guide - Frame sizes for printed artwork Frame sizes guide for printed artwork - All prints are sold without frames. This lowers [...]

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