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Giclee Prints By Pop-art Artist Doug Kemp

Giclee prints collection - Autographed limited edition Pop-Art signed giclée print works from modern artist Doug Kemp

Giclee print collection pop-art artist prints by doug kemp

Giclee Print Collection, Pop-Art Artist Prints By Doug Kemp

While I don’t like to consider myself a Pop-Artist, my son Luke disputes this. My artwork draws reference from personal experience, comic book art, film noir and gangster movies from the 1930s & 1940s. Eventually, all of my print work (Linocut & Silk screen) will be available as Giclee’s as a limited signed editions. Unsigned copies may be available in due course.

On Giclee printing, I feel the Giclee print technique produces a better finish than other types of modern artist prints. Essentially, the process is similar to inkjet photo printers but with one big difference…the type of inks used. Standard inkjet prints are made using dye-based inks. Whereas Giclee (pronounced “Glee say” or “Ge-clee”) uses pigment-based inks. By the nature of the process, specialist equipment is necessary.

Art By Mail Artist Prints Delivered Without A Frame - Doug Kemp Pop-art Gallery Store

“To protect the art, all works on paper are transported to you rolled, protected in a secure tube.”

“Posted with love”

Doug Kemp

Doug Kemp Art Gallery Store – Art By Tube.

Giclee Print Process, what is the Difference between Dye and pigmet based inks?

Dye-based inks used in standard inkjet printers, are far cheaper and can be mostly found in print cartridges you would typically find in most offices & homes. However, these do not come anywhere near the high quality required for Artist prints.

Pigment-based inks used in Giclee prints are made from pigment originating from organic synthesis, these are then encapsulated with a type of synthetic resin and suspended in a liquid. The corresponding molecules are much larger than for the dye-based inks and this provides a far better finish of the standard expected of an Artist print.

Giclee Print Process & Approach

My approach for producing Giclee Prints. Painted artwork either on paper on canvas is scanned or photographed in extremely high-resolution. Doing so often enables the individual paint brush strokes and textures to be recorded and reproduced in these limited edition artists prints.

Working closely with one of a few “master printers”, colour balances are tweaked and finalised prior to creating artist proofs which are used for my final approval. This technique for creating Giclee artwork, produces the sharpest detail and at the highest resolution, displaying my artwork in the best possible textured, full-colour on good quality heavy grade paper. Doug Kemp.

Giclee Means Little Squirt Prints By Pop-art Artist Doug Kemp

“Giclée, In French has a simple translation. It means Squirt!”

Doug Kemp

Giclée name is derived from the French verb “gicler” meaning to squirt, when adopting the giclee process the printer produces a fine spray of many different sized droplets. When sprayed (Squirted) the application of overlapping dots of ink mix together, forming additional color combinations. The inks applied to the print in this giclee printing process is so fine that there are no discernible dots or droplets on the final print.

Giclee Pop-art Prints. Giclée, in French means squirt.

Pop Artist Video Interviews & References

Pop art artist video interviews with Doug Kemp, a pop post-modernist artist, and his son Luke Kemp. These interviews take a lighthearted look at individual paintings and provide a unique perspective on Doug Kemp’s work. These interviews produced by Luke could also have been called “Interviews with my artist father.” Explore the vibrant and colorful perspective through the eyes of the paintings artist #PopArtDoug.

Doug wanted to add that in no way were these interviews rehearsed.

Artist Print Types – The Different Formats

The different formats of Artist print types are explained—Linocut, Giclee & Silkscreen print collections from Doug Kemp.

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Giclee Artist Prints

Spelt correctly, Giclée is a French word for spray (little squirt!). This is a digital printing process in which a dedicated type of ink-jet printer is used with specialist inks to produce a high quality Art print. As an artist, I feel a Giclée print produces a better finish than other types of modern artist printing formats.

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Linocut Artist Prints

A Linocut is a relief print that is produced like a woodcut but uses lino as the surface from which the design is carved as a template used for the printing. In making a Linocut, basically your design uses the raised (uncarved) areas for the different inks to print the same picture over and over.

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Silkscreen Print Collection

Creating screen prints – The inks are forced through a mesh screen onto the printed surface. This enables certain areas of the screen template to be made impervious to the printing ink, in effect creating a stencil. The ink that is able to pass through forms the printed image.

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