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Our next Auction Close Date 12th September 2024

Our next auction close date is on the 12 of September 2024.  Download the 2024 auction catalogue to see further paintings set for auction or make private enquiries.

Doug Kemp Price Catalogue

Artist Auction Catalogue 2024

Artist auctions on the Doug Kemp art gallery website.

We are still adding web pages and videos for each auction item, if you wish to see the paintings set for auction in 2023 download Doug’s 2024 auction catalogue. by subscribing to our newsletter.

Pop Art Auction Dates For Works By The Artist Doug Kemp

Doug Kemp’s pop art artist auction dates in 2023.    We plan to hold three auctions on the exact dates each year for the sale of Doug Kemp’s works on canvas.   As we create the auction content and optimise the website functionality, we plan to eventually invite guest artists, (fellows of Doug Kemp) to showcase, exhibit and auction their own works on these dates too.

Auction Date Significance

  • 14th of February Pop Art Auction –  Valentines Day, Dougs is a real romantic at heart. Feb Pop Art Auction
  • 3rd of June Pop Art Auction  –  Summer is hotting up and as good as date as any.
  • 12th of September Pop Art Auction – Dougs birthday – Happy Birthday Pops! .