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Acrylic Paintings On Canvas By Artist Doug Kemp

Acrylic Paintings On Canvas By Artist Doug Kemp - Works on canvas are sorted by decade with most recent work post 2020 posted here and on our blog page as soon as a painting has been completed.

Canvas Paintings Per Decades

“Canvas Paintings Per Decades” is a curated collection showcasing Doug Kemp’s acrylic paintings on canvas, organised by the decade of their creation. With a passion for art that spans several decades, Doug Kemp has established himself as a prominent artist with a diverse body of work.

Over the years, Doug’s artistic style evolved and matured. The paintings from the 2000s express his understanding of his chosen medium, as well as a heightened sense of creativity and expression. Through bold shapes, vibrant colours, and dynamic compositions, he invites viewers into his artistic viewpoint.

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