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Pop-Art limited edition artist prints. All limited edition prints are signed by the artist Doug Kemp. All art prints are posted to you unframed, rolled in secure tubes. We are happy to advise on framing options, view our online guide for framing your piece of artwork.

artist doug kemp with passing strangers–original acrylic paper working proof painting 183534 large optimized

British Pop Artist, Doug Kemp Print Store

Welcome to the print store of British pop artist, Doug Kemp. Here you will find a collection of limited edition artist prints, with print runs of no more than 75, that showcase the artist’s mastery of the pop art movement and his experimentation with different printing techniques.

In this store, you can find linocut prints, mono prints, silkscreen prints, and giclee prints, each with its own unique characteristics.

Doug Kemp is typically known for creating large acrylic paintings on canvas that are known for their bold colours, dynamic compositions, and playful subject matter.  His prints are similar and these are the formats he has produced.

  • Linocut is a relief printing technique where the artist carves into a block of linoleum
  • Mono prints are one-of-a-kind prints created by painting on a plate and then printing the image
  • Silkscreen is a stencil-based printing method
  • Giclee prints are high-quality inkjet prints that capture the colours, tones, and textures of the original artwork.

Doug Kemp, who was born in 1939, has now stopped producing prints using other techniques and in recent years is now only producing prints in the giclee format whilst continuing to focus on his large acrylic paintings on canvas.

These limited edition prints are a great opportunity for art collectors and enthusiasts to own a piece of the artist’s work at a more accessible price point.

Latest Limited Edition Artist Prints

Nightclub Singers Artist Print Collection

The 1920s saw the emergence of many female musicians and singers including African-American blues singer Bessie Smith who went on to inspire women singers from later eras and to this very day.

The video featured here from ‘Babylon Berlin’, a German TV series, encompases just about everything Doug loves about the late 1920s nightclub scene. The music, the vibe and the banana girls. Other fruits are also available.

Babylon Berlin is a German speaking neo-noir television series and is set in the latter years of the Weimar Republic (1929).

The story follows a police inspector on assignment to dismantle an extortion ring, and Charlotte Ritter, police clerk by day, flapper by night, who aspires to become a police inspector herself.

Print Gallery Teaser Video

This is just the teaser and only part of the ‘flowing backbone’ demonstrating the journey through the print gallery  (Only half of the pop art Doug print collection are in this initial taster video).  

Young Goddesses Portraits As Giclee Prints

The Young Goddesses artist mini collection.  This collection of paintings and prints by Doug Kemp features iconic movie stars when they were in their prime.  The young goddesses featured in this collection are as follows.

  • Frances Farmer
  • Brigitte Bardot
  • Priscilla Presley
  • Cybill Lewis
  •  Ida Lupino
artist doug kemp with ida lupino young goddesses collection limited edition artist pop art giclee print 150527 large optimized

Original Young Goddesses Paintings On Canvas

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“I would never join a club that would have me as a member.”


Doug Kemp

Doug Kemp, Castle Godwyn paradise in 1968
Selfie with Madam Medusa blurring boundaries artists USA Patty Carroll and UK Doug Kemp redefining artistic collaboration
artist doug kemp with madam medusa heroes villains collection–limited edition pop art linocut print 145751 large optimized

Patty Carroll skillfully weaves together different artistic mediums to create a visually compelling narrative. Patty Carroll and Doug Kemp, an artistic collaboration

girl with squid in her hair 38x38cm signed limited edition artist proof doug kemp popartdoug p1010313

Q. Why does the girl have a squid in hair?

Because she has just got out of the sea!

Artist Print Formats Used By Doug Kemp

Pop-Art print formats explained. Linocut, Giclee & Silk screen print collections from Doug Kemp.

artist collection giclee prints signed limited edition doug kemp large optimized

Giclee Art Prints

Spelt correctly (Giclée) is a French word for little squirt. This is a digital printing process in which a type of ink-jet printer is used with specialist inks to produce a high-quality art print. As an artist, I feel A Giclee/Giclée print produces a better finish than other types of artist printing formats.

artist collection linocut prints signed limited edition doug kemp large optimized

Linocut Art Prints

Linocuts are a type of relief print which is produced like a Woodcut but that uses lino as the surface from which the design is carved as a template used for the printing. Making a Linocut basically your design uses the negative space for the inks to print the same picture over and over.

artist collection silkscreen prints signed limited edition doug kemp large optimized

Silkscreen Art Prints

When creating Silkscreen prints – The inks are forced through a mesh screen onto the printed surface. This enables certain areas of the screen template to be impervious to the printing ink, in effect creating a stencil. The ink that is able to pass through forms the printed image.

ORDER NOW – New Limited Edition Giclee Artist Prints (Out Now)

By popular request, Doug Kemp paintings undergoing conversion into Giclee prints. These prints have been are now part of the post 2020 collection and available from our store.

peaches 62x62cm signed limited edition giclee print doug kemp popartdoug p1020103 framed optimized


Peaches. Acrylic Painting on Paper 24×24 Inches. Painted in the mid 1990s. Luke found this hidden gem in a roll of paintings. Doug was quite taken aback, as at the time of painting (25 years ago) he didn’t much like it. On reflection he has changed his mind.

not avon calling giclee signed limited edition artist pop art print doug kemp Framed optimized

Not Avon

Not Avon Giclee Print. Originally an acylic painting on paper from the late 1990s and produced as (no more than) 20 linocuts in the early 2000’s. Modified & reproduced in 2023 as 75 signed limited edition artist Giclee prints. Highly collectable.

Doug Kemp moonlight hero - Heroes villains collection 35 pop art giclee signed prints

Moonlight Hero

Moonlight Hero. Giclee Print. Originally an acylic painting on paper from the late 1990s and produced as (no more than) 20 linocuts in the early 2000’s. Modified & reproduced in 2023 as 35 signed limited edition artist Giclee prints as part of a Kickstarter campaign