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This collection showcases Doug Kemp’s acrylic paintings on paper. While Doug Kemp’s body of work predominantly features paintings on canvas, his acrylic paintings on paper exhibit a unique allure.

Although far fewer in number compared to his canvas works, these pieces offer him the advantage of easy reproduction (A template for recreating as a limited edition artist print) which has the benefit of facilitating wider distribution, allowing different versions of his popular artwork designs to reach a broader audience.

the magician 121x91cm acrylic painting on hq paper pop art painting with uk artist doug kemp popartdoug p1020245

Doug prefers to use particularly high-grade art paper, which requires less preparation compared to canvas.

Modern acrylic paint, known for its vibrant colours and minimal bleeding, lends itself well to paper as a medium.

The relatively lower cost of producing artwork on paper also encourages greater experimentation, and exploration when reworking a painted scene.

Doug’s studies on paper often serve as valuable stepping stones for potential works on canvas and may even evolve into stand-alone pieces with their own unique qualities.

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Browse Doug Kemp’s collection of artist originals. Acrylic paintings on paper which were mostly created in the 1990s and early 2000s.. Start your collection today. Join the “One Man & His Doug Club”

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“To protect the art, all works on paper are transported to you rolled, protected in a secure tube.”

“Posted with love”

Doug Kemp

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Negatives that form further artistic endeavours

Doug Kemp’s acrylic paintings on paper can be seen as the “negatives” that inspire further artistic endeavours. These works, even years later, hold the potential for transition into limited edition artist prints and often spark new ideas or serve as references for future versions or interpretations.

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Complete the web form to download Doug Kemp canvas sales catalogue 2022 which contains reserved and estimated prices and information on how to be notified of our next auction.

Download the art price guide and depending on your location, you can buy Doug Kemp’s painting by leaving a bid on the auction page (to be set up).  Talking to us or through a number of independent galleries where the art is on show worldwide.

All paintings and prints are signed by the artist Doug Kemp and come with a certificate of authentication

We are also looking into using NFTs as RW-NFTs (RW – Real World) as a new form of painting authentication and ownership log, to facilitate the prevention of fraud and assist in future transfers of ownership.

Doug Kemp’s artist pop art prints are available to purchase from the print store and all are sold unframed.  Despatched as a recorded delivery item the print is safely rolled, in a circular packaging tubing.

Invest In A Doug Kemp Artist Original

Discover Doug Kemp’s original pop art collection of acrylic paintings on paper. Created primarily during the vibrant decades of the 1990s and early 2000s, these original artworks offer a unique glimpse into the artist’s creative style and vision. Start your own art collection today and invest in a Doug Kemp original painting on paper.

ORDER NOW – New Limited Edition Giclee Artist Prints (Out Now)

By popular request, Doug Kemp paintings undergoing conversion into Giclee prints. These prints have been are now part of the post 2020 collection and available from our store.

peaches 62x62cm signed limited edition giclee print doug kemp popartdoug p1020103 framed optimized


Peaches. Acrylic Painting on Paper 24×24 Inches. Painted in the mid 1990s. Luke found this hidden gem in a roll of paintings. Doug was quite taken aback, as at the time of painting (25 years ago) he didn’t much like it. On reflection he has changed his mind.

not avon calling giclee signed limited edition artist pop art print doug kemp Framed optimized

Not Avon

Not Avon Giclee Print. Originally an acylic painting on paper from the late 1990s and produced as (no more than) 20 linocuts in the early 2000’s. Modified & reproduced in 2023 as 75 signed limited edition artist Giclee prints. Highly collectable.

Doug Kemp moonlight hero - Heroes villains collection 35 pop art giclee signed prints

Moonlight Hero

Moonlight Hero. Giclee Print. Originally an acylic painting on paper from the late 1990s and produced as (no more than) 20 linocuts in the early 2000’s. Modified & reproduced in 2023 as 35 signed limited edition artist Giclee prints as part of a Kickstarter campaign

Allure And Value Of An Original Painting

The allure and value of an original painting on paper surpasses that of any prints it may have generated. Owning an original artwork carries a sense of exclusivity and authenticity that appeals to art enthusiasts and collectors alike. The uniqueness of each brushstroke and the personal touch of the artist’s hand imbue the piece with a distinct character and emotional resonance. This distinctiveness elevates the status of the artwork and makes it a coveted treasure for those who appreciate fine art.

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“Wake up and make love with me!”

Wake up and make love with me – Ian Dury

Discerning Buyers, Owning An Original Painting

For discerning buyers and those with a penchant for the finer things in life, owning an original painting on paper becomes a symbol of taste and refinement. It sets them apart from mass-produced prints and signifies their appreciation for craftsmanship and artistic integrity.

The exclusivity associated with owning an original painting appeals to the aspirations and desires of any who value the individuality and cultural significance that such artworks represent.

Investing in an original painting on paper allows one to immerse themselves in the artist’s unique vision and become a custodian of a piece of art history.

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