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Doug Kemp (Pop-art Doug) studied art at Walthamstow College of Art and was a graduate of the Royal Academy of Art Schools in the sixties. He had a Fellowship of the Gloucester College of Art and was a senior lecturer at Loughborough College of Art and Design from 1971 to 1993. This online art gallery, hosts most of his work.

About This Online Art Gallery

This Online Art Gallery is dedicated to the work of pop-artist Doug Kemp and is a central repository for sixty years of paintings and artwork.

As of 2022, new work is still to be added and during the course of the year, we will improve the quality of some of the images, run free to enter print competitions, increase the Giclee print collection with new unposted work and provide more stories behind some of the paintings.

Website Gallery Info

From Doug Kemp’s online art gallery website, you can do the following.

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About The Paintings & Prints On This Website

Sometimes there is more than one piece of work with the same or similar title (each usually classified in a different series). Also, when working on a theme, occasionally the original title has been changed to protect the innocent. AKAs abound. This is not as confusing as it sounds – after all, this is a visual medium and seeing is believing. Have a look, make notes and ask!

Prints and The Print shop offer a smooth ride. However, if sufficiently interested in a painting, with a view to buy (no pun intended), just make a request on the contact page to be sent an in-situ. photograph and then to possibly arrange a “live” viewing, if required. Quite a lot of notice will be required to accommodate this, as this will include locating the piece if in storage.

Artwork Sizes

Later paintings (post 2000’s) are pretty much a standard size but some of the sizes of earlier works are goodish guesstimates, as Doug worked in feet and inches (and, from the scale of his works, lots of them) and many works are in not readily accessible storage with no accurate record of exact dimensions.

It should also be be noted that some pieces are not in Doug’s possession and possibly may not actually still be in existence.

Artist Print Types – The Different Formats

The different formats of Artist print types explained. Linocut, Giclee & Silk screen print collections from Doug Kemp .

Print Store – View All Prints By Doug Kemp
Happy Girl 61x66cm Giclee Artist Print Nude Collection Doug Kemp Fine Art

Giclee Artist Prints

Spelt correctly Giclée is a French word for little squirt. This is a digital printing process in which a type of ink-jet printer is used with specialist inks to produce a high quality Art print. As an artist, I feel a Giclee/Giclée print produces a better finish than other types of modern artist printing formats.

Giclee Art Prints
Perfidia- Limited Edition Artist Linocut Pop Art Print 24x26 Inches Top 10 Popart - Doug Kemp Fine Art

Linocut Artist Prints

A Linocut is a relief print that is produced like a woodcut but uses lino as the surface from which the design is carved as a template used for the printing. In making a Linocut, basically your design uses the raised (uncarved) areas for the different inks to print the same picture over and over.

Linocut Prints
Rainy Day Taxi - Limited Edition Artist Giclee Pop Art Print 24x26 Inches Best Popart Doug Kemp

Silkscreen Print Collection

Creating screen prints – The inks are forced through a mesh screen onto the printed surface. This enables certain areas of the screen template to be impervious to the printing ink, in effect creating a stencil. The ink that is able to pass through forms the printed image.

Silk Screen Prints

Print Gallery Fly Through Video – 1 of 2

Doug Kemp print gallery collection fly through on YouTube, Part 1 of 2 .  Subscribe and click the bell for notification for the next video release.

Heroes And Villains Pop Art Videos – Animated By BoodleBobs

As well as creating the Grannie Annie Ultimate Alphabet book childrens series, BoodleBobs is a video production service creating motion graphics and animation for web content and is run by Dougs son, Luke.

I wanted to bring these pop art superhero prints to life, by adding just a little bit of motion to each featured print. For the most part this was a photoshop exercise where the artwork was sepperated into layers and added to After Effects for the animation. The featured Villioness ‘Not Avon Calling’ needed more animation and this was achieved via Adobe Character Animator. Luke Kemp BoodleBobs

Artist Doug Kemp 1960s castle godwyn 1968

“More and more I believe in the secret behaviour of human beings.”

Richard Lindner


Doug Kemp

Doug Kemp at Castle Godwyn, paradise in 1968

Gallery Collections

Six decades as an artist with nearing 500 peices of artwork from Doug Kemp on this online gallery. The gallery collections pages help sort this wealth of modern pop-art into some form of order.

Blue Nude Reworked Giclee Print Art Collection Doug Kemp Artists

Nude Pop Art Collection

Nude collection of paintings on canvas, paper and prints. The oldest nude art example found can be dated back to prehistory, some 25,000 years older than the work found on this page.

Nude Paintings & Prints
Moonlight Hero Painting On Paper 24x24 Inches 1990s Heroes & Villains Pop Art Artist Series Doug Kemp

Heroes & Villains Art

Art of war, Heroes, Villains & Gangsters artist collection. A collection of paintings on canvas, paper and heroic artist prints, referenced from the golden age of comic book art and WW2.

Heroes & Villians
Apache Acrylic Painting On Canvas 2000s Pop Art Collection Doug Kemp Artist

Relationships Art Collection

Artist collection featuring insights and observation into modern day relationships. This series of artwork features paintings on canvas, paper and prints that feature two or more characters as the subject matter.

Relationships Collection
Man Alone V2 Acrylic Pop Art Painting On Canvas 1990s Self Portrait Divorce Art Series Doug Kemp

Portrait Artist Collection

Before the invention of photography, a painted, sculpted, or drawn portrait was the only way to record the appearance of someone. This collection of portraits contain work on canvas, paper and artist prints.

Portrait Paintings & Prints
Self Murder 45x50 Inches Acrylic Painting On Canvas The 2000s Murder-Suicide Scandal Pop Art Artist Collection Doug Kemp

Murder, Suicide & Scandal

This collection of paintings on canvas, paper and artist prints titled Murder, Suicide & Scandal is Doug Kemp’s personal observation on the darker side of human nature.

Murder, Suicide & Scandal
Not Avon Calling - Limited Edition Artist Linocut Pop Art Print 24x26 Inches Divorce Popart - Doug Kemp Art

Divorce Series Art Collection

Divorce is not always such a bad thing, especially so if some of the special relationships and connections can endure. The Divorce series of canvas & paper paintings features also a range of affordable prints.

Divorce Art Collection
Tango 2 - 50x45 inches Acrylic Pop Art Painting On Canvas 2000s Dancing Art Collections - Doug Kemp

Dance Time Art Collection

Dancing times whether its the Turkey trot, the Tango, the Twist or even Disco fever, they are all vertical expressions of a horizontal desire. This series of paintings and prints celebrates dance as its own form of art.

Dancing Times Collection
Angels 2 1933 ft John Dillinger & Johnny Depp 50×45 Inches Acrylic Painting Canvas Murder Gangster 2000s popart Doug

Mini Art Collections

Mini art collections. Some paintings come in a series, where a theme has developed organically or as part of a whim. This page contains prints and work on paper/canvas with some information on the themes.

Mini Art Collection Series
City Days 2 Acrylic Painting On Canvas 2000s Pop Art Collection Doug Kemp

Cityscapes & Urban Environments

Cityscape or Urban landscape paintings feature art that depends on city scenes such as streets, building types, composition and other city elements. The artwork in this collection features hero subjects within these environments.

Cityscapes – Art in the city

Doug Kemp Pop Art By Decade & Format

Pop Art by decade and format. Ultimate Retro, some of Doug’s paintings are so old they could even be considered antiques in their own right.

Monuments1 Aka Trains Boats Planes 45x50 Inch Acrylic Painting On Canvas 2000s And Monuments Artist Collection Doug Kemp

2000s Pop Art Collection

2000s pop art artwork, painting and prints from Doug Kemp created between 2000 up to 2022.

Y2k Plus Pop Art Paintings & Prints
Arcadia 1 The Viewing Of Arcadia 50x55 Inches Acrylic Painting On Canvas 1990s Arcadia Pop art Collection Doug Kemp Art

1990s Pop Art Collection

1990s pop art, painting by Doug Kemp created between 1990 and 1999

1990s Pop art Paintings & Prints
Walk On By 72x54 Inches Acrylic Pop Art Painting On Canvas 1980s Gangster Art Series Doug Kemp

1980s Pop Art Collection

1980s pop art, paintings by Doug Kemp created in between 1980 and 1989

1980s Pop Art Collection
Murder In The Red Barn - Acrylic Pop Art Painting On Canvas 1960s Art Collection Doug Kemp Art

1970s Pop Art Collection

1970s pop art, paintings by Doug Kemp created in between 1970 and 1979

1970s Pop Art Collection
The Islands 1 Acrylic Pop Art Painting On Canvas 1960s Art Collection Doug Kemp

1960s Pop Art Collection

1960s pop art, painting by Doug Kemp created in between 1962 and 1969

1960s Pop Art Collection
Moving On Acrylic 45x50" Pop Art Painting On Canvas 2000s Divorce Collection Painting Doug Kemp

Pop Art Paintings On Canvas

Pop Art painted on canvas. Doug Kemp Paintings on canvas painted between 1963 & 2022

Canvas Pop Art Paintings
Party Hat 24x24 inches Paper Inches Doug Kemp 1990s Relationships Pop art Online Collection Doug Kemp

Pop Art Paintings On Paper

Pop Art paintings on paper.  Doug Kemp paintings on paper painted in between 1970 & 2022

Pop Art Paintings On Paper


Dolly Silver’s curtains

I came into the world at the very beginning of WWII, Except for the occasional flashes of the German Luftwaffe our world was coloured by browns muddy yellow ochre and muddy greens.


About Dolly Silver’s curtains

“Dolly’s curtains were bright turquoise with red, yellow and black abstract shapes on them, much like stuff shown at the Festival of Britain.”

To begin the story properly we, Mum and I (Dad was called up into armed service) lived in Albany Road (Walthamstow, London), two rows of small terrace houses. Opposite our house, to the right, were the Silvers; Tom who walked around in constant pain from a wound from WWI, Dennis (Denny) who was my age (give or take) and Mrs Silver, Dolly, who liked a drink now and then at the Common Gate Pub on the corner of Queens Road. Dolly was a friend of my Mum’s who didn’t like to drink anywhere much.

Well, we went through the war mostly unscathed apart from the occasional firebomb, one landing on the doorstep.

Later, running for cover when there was a V1 raid with the ominous cut-out of the droning motor (we called them Doodle bugs or Buzz bombs), we finished up sheltering in the Gentleman’s Toilets at a local pub, meeting an indignant customer coming out. After a rapid explanation, he turned on his heels and invited us in!

So, World War 2 ended and the drab colours of life continued much the same, until one day in the very late 1940s or early 1950s, I went out of our front door and naturally looked across to Dolly’s and got a SHOCK that was like a physical bang; Dolly’s new curtains were bright turquoise with red, yellow and black abstract shapes on them, much like stuff shown at the Festival of Britain. Shocked, it was the very first time I had been properly introduced to colour and colour has been with me ever since. I still get a warm glow whenever I think of that day, Thank you, Dolly.

Artist Doug Kemp As a Boy During World War 2

The boy in the painting, Doug Kemp with his mum’s sister auntie Irene.

Art Stories & News from the DK Gallery Blog

Magician Art Series Of Paintings

The hero of the paintings references a paparazzi photographer from the 1930s known as Weegree who had an uncanny ability to find and photograph a crime scene sometimes even before the police arrived.
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