Madam Clang Zelda and the G-Men 48x52 inches Acrylic 1940s Pop Art comic villainess Painting On Canvas - Artist Doug Kemp

Zelda And The Gmen Pop Art Design Range

A classic Femme Fatale, she is not perturbed by the gun battle involving the G-Men on the city street outside nor by the others rushing to join in.

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zelda g men aka madam klang heroes collection 127x114cm acrylic canvas pop art painting with uk artist doug kemp popartdoug p1020746 large optimized

The Zelda & The G-Men Collection

A G-man is an American slang term for agents of the United States Government. It is especially used as a term for an agent of the FBI.

The men are similarly dressed, in quite drab suits, perhaps befitting the perceived anonymity of a G-man. However, there is a faint out-of-plane check pattern on the jackets of the two men in the foreground. The black background here is in deep contrast to the bright multi-coloured fan effect behind Zelda. The black also adds to the scene and the action of the men running outside into the light of the city.

The main character is very loosely based on a young Lauren Bucall. The overall pose of this character, but not the actual likeness together with other marked differences, also appears as a print Madam Medusa. This print, in turn, features as an integral part and a contribution to the overall composition of a re-imagined work by the artist Patty Carroll in the USA.

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