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Moonlight Hero Pop Art Design Range

Yellow cape flapping and silhouetted against a moonlit cityscape, the Moonlight Hero started as an acrylic painting on paper created in the early 1990s.  

Part of the Doug Kemps Heroes and Villains artist collection, the Moonlight Hero draws reference from a period described as the Golden Age of Comics, which is generally considered in and around 1938 to 1956. 

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Doug Kemp Signing Moonlight Hero 35 Giclee Prints Popartdoug Nov-29-2022

Moonlight Hero Collection

The popularity of the superhero and supervillain archetypes grew during global unrest.   At the onset of World War 2 characters such as  Superman, Batman, Robin, Shazam, Captain America, and Wonder Woman evolved to become the antithesis of the fight between good and evil.   

With his true identity hidden the Moonlight Hero went on to be produced via a Kickstarter campaign as 35 signed limited edition Giclee artist prints.

In November we added the artwork to our print-on-demand store and will feature in a range of products with a view to making Doug’s art more accessible.

Buy From The Moonlight Hero Art Collection

Own a piece of the night with the Moonlight Hero Series product line of work by the artist Doug Kemp. This exclusive collection of pop art masterpieces features a masked hero under the moon’s glow. Either direct from the artist or from our print-on-demand product line. Shop now!

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Ben up north, legend! He is one of the owner’s of a signed Giclee print by the artist Doug Kemp. 1 of 35 limited edition artist prints.


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Watch as Doug Kemp’s iconic paintings come alive in animated sequences, blending traditional artistry with modern storytelling. Sit back and enjoy the magic of art in motion to chill out vibes!”

Doug Mugs New In Our Store

Making Doug’s art more accessible, these one-of-a-kind mugs find their origins in the creative world of British artist Doug Kemp, featuring selections from the Heroes and Villains artist collection.

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