Masked Hero acrylic painting on paper Artist Doug Kemp #popartdoug p1020153

Masked Hero Pop Art Design Range

A full face image occupying most of the frame, a blonde haired, strong jawed masked hero appears to be deep in contemplation, perhaps assessing some archenemy’s dastardly plan.

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artist doug kemp with the masked hero heroes villains collection–limited edition pop art giclee print 150436 large optimized

The Masked Hero Collection

The large size of the face together with its expression in the image immediately commands attention from the viewer, and is highly effective even from some distance.

Although with a mask more in the vein of Batman’s sidekick. Robin, or even The Riddler, it actually appears to extend to his neck and, in turn, perhaps supports that strong chin of his that he strokes in contemplation.

The brightly coloured background contains structures that suggest broken glass or crystals and also symbols similar to the logo for the International Atomic Energy Agency.

Such similar devices were used in film and comics, representative of the atomic age.

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