Space Man aka Intergalactic Argument 61x61cm acrylic pop art painting on paper 1990s hero villains collections artist Doug Kemp

Intergalactic Argument Pop Art Design Range

Spaceman Intergalactic Argument – A 1940s-50s feel to an image of a Spaceman and Spaceship and its controls, leaning to an influence from a comic strip rather than a film, where in black and white, would not be as striking.

Tag: Intergalactic Argument Pop Art Design Range Doug Kemp
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The Intergalactic Argument Collection

The bright colours are in stark contrast to each other in a relatively simple composition but create an aesthetic and balanced image.

The Spaceman may well be a space alien or the purple face just might be from apoplexy caused by, as the title suggests, an Intergalactic Argument.

The character on the communicator screen appears to be female (but perhaps some licence should be allowed for the appearance of space aliens) and is wagging her finger.

She might be Mrs.Spaceman, the spouse of the main character, but might also be his boss or even some form of intergalactic parking attendant.

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