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005 Murder In Soho Acrylic Pop Art Painting On Canvas Doug Kemp Artist Interview

Murder In Soho Art Painting Video Interview #005

Murder in Soho - 50×45"Acrylic Pop Art Painting on Canvas Murder Gangster Doug Kemp

Murder In Soho – Pop Art Interview With Artist Doug Kemp

The first in 10 hours of recorded interviews talking about pop art and paintings with Doug Kemp. We were very much finding our footing & format with this initial release of the Murder In Soho acrylic painting on canvas.

Murder In Soho Painting Artist Video Interview

Murder In Soho Painting – 116 x 127 cm Acrylic pop art painting on canvas part of the 2000s, ‘Heroes/Villains’ & ‘Murder-Suicide & Scandal’ artist collection by Doug Kemp. 

A double image is split horizontally providing a window where two scenes are depicted. The upper is a brunette-haired woman in red running out of the frame whilst looking over her shoulder.

The word ‘Tilt’ is suspended in geometric shapes and is a reference to the slot machines (pinball/fruit machines) commonly found at tourist attractions in Soho/London during the 1950s and 60s. 

The bottom section of the painting depicts a man in a light-coloured suit wearing a ‘Fedora Hat’ a signature feature found in a number of Dougs’paintings.

Intent on committing a crime or searching for the source of the foul play, the pattern that plays across his shoulder is representative of the shadows and highlights cast when entering any such amusement arcade. 

When directly asked which of the characters is the murderer in this painting? Doug states neither and went on to say that there were a lot of murders in Soho at that time and when one occurred people would either be running to or from the scene of the crime… 

Doug often paints people running in different directions and says this is also so in real life.

Murder In Soho Painting Auction Catalogue Page

This Moving On painting has been added to the Doug Kemp gallery auction catalogue.  More info on the ‘Murder In Soho’ painting

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