diga digga doo v1 122x114cm aprox acrylic canvas pop art painting dancing times 2010s collections p1020277

Diga Diga Doo V1 Painting Artist Video Interview #12

Doug’s paintings, in general, come from a structural idea and visual ideas such as a snapshot from memory.

One usually supports the other but sometimes they become equal partners.

Depicted is a collection of individual scenes telling their own story, possibly being presented from the top right by a disjointed abstract figurine on a background of interconnecting swirling shapes and lines.

The geometric forms provide a balance to the areas of the work but do not exhibit any direct repetition.

The overall effect appears greater than the sum of its parts.

Each of these individual scenes were ideas recorded in numerous sketchbooks compiled by Doug over the years and dating as far back as the 1970s.

Working A Number Of Ideas In To A Single Painting

Doug felt it was time to work these ideas into a single painting with a view to further developing any scene that stood out and resonated.

This may also have been some form of a cathartic experiment.

It is not known whether any individual element was expanded into a major work and it is up to the audience to form their own narrative for each element for the time being, pending any future developments, but possibly forever.

This painting shares its name with another painting (‘Diga Diga Doo V2’. The title of both of the Diga Diga Doo paintings stems from regular listening to the song Diga Diga Doo whilst painting in the studio.

For Doug, any confusion caused is rather amusing and is as good a reason as any.