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Im Awake Acrylic Painting On Paper 24x24 Inches Doug Kemp Pop Art


Peaches. Acrylic Painting on Paper 24×24 Inches. Painted in the mid 1990s. Luke found this hidden gem in a roll of paintings. Doug was taken aback, as at the time of painting (25 years ago) he didn’t like it. On reflection he has changed his mind.

Lucy 45x48 Inches Acrylic Pop Art Painting On Canvas 1980s Pop-art Series Doug Kemp Art


Lucy. Acrylic painting on canvas and is part of the Nude collection. In process of being reworked as a Giclee print.

Moonlight Hero Painting On Paper 24x24 Inches 1990s Heroes & Villains Pop Art Artist Series Doug Kemp

Moonlight Hero

Moonlight Hero. Giclee Print. Originally a painting on paper, painted in the late 1990s. Part of the Heroes & Villains artist collection.

ART STORY – Ruth Ellis 14 Minutes

14 minutes depicts the sad tale of Ruth Ellis. She was the last woman to be hanged in England for the crime of murder. Ellis was convicted of the murder of her lover, David Blakely, on Easter Sunday 1955. She was hanged by state executioner, Albert Pierrepoint,

ART STORY – ANGELS 2 Painting Backstory

Art story - 'Angels 2 1933'  45" x 50" inches acrylic painting on canvas by Doug Kemp.  This painting is depicting the story of US Gangster  John Herbert Dillinger who was an American gangster active during the Great Depression.

Magician Art Series Of Paintings

The hero of the paintings references a paparazzi photographer from the 1930s known as Weegree who had an uncanny ability to find and photograph a crime scene sometimes even before the police arrived.

ART STORY – Little Bohemia Painting Backstory

Art story - Little Bohemia  45" x 50" inches acrylic painting on canvas by Doug Kemp.  This painting depicts the botched raid by the FBI (then called the Division of Investigation) against the John Dillinger Gang who were staying at the Little Bohemia Lodge

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