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Framing Guide – Frame sizes for printed artwork

Frame sizes guide for printed artwork – All prints are sold without frames. This lowers transportation costs and protects the art

When selecting a frame for your artist’s print, we recommend that you choose a style and colour that complements the artwork. This will enhance the overall aesthetic and make the print truly stand out. We also recommend using acid-free matting to protect the print and prevent damage over time. If you have any questions about framing, please don’t hesitate to contact us, and we will be happy to assist you.

Choice Of Frames For Doug Kemp Pop Art

The choice of the frame for the prints can enhance the overall effect of the image and even contribute to it. Doug’s use of comic book-style black lines within the image is also extended as a border to the entire image in some works. An impressive format to further enhance the effect, and that is recommended (although personal taste is accepted, of course), is a proportionally sized, off-white or pale cream-coloured card mount and an approximately one-inch wide simple black beading supporting the glass. The narrow printed black border and black frame complement each other and add to the aesthetic effect.

Framing Paintings

Paintings will normally really only need simple beading as a frame to “tidy” and protect the edges. The colour and form of the beading will, again, depend on personal taste but the image content, and particularly the dominant colours towards the edges may well also influence choice – basically, the choice is whatever is aesthetically pleasing with the particular piece of work. Again, black often works well as a useful neutral option for the different (and later possibly differing) colour and decor schemes of where the work is hung.

Well Hung – The Trollo Technique.

A personally perfected technique for single-handedly hanging Dougie-sized paintings, when one can’t see or reach the hook on the wall – or even the wall very well. This involves putting a Trollo, end-on between the back of the painting and a hanging cord to make the cord stand out and allow it to catch the hook. The Trollo then just falls away once hung. The Trollo can be readily torn down to shorten it, as necessary, or two may be taped together to lengthen. The high tension of the cord is not necessary and will not allow excessive pressure on the canvas.

To find the relevant definition of Trollo, it appears it is necessary to search “What is the cardboard tube in toilet paper called?” and refer to the site called Answers.

This is because other sites just give the answer Core or Tube. Other references to Trollo found include being in a title of an advert for a semi-circular shower cubicle and a Czech rolled cake – the latter, at least, has a similar appearance to a cardboard Trollo and suspect it tastes better!