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Doug Kemp Print Gallery Taster Video

Doug Kemp Print Gallery Taster Video

This video is a taster and is part of the ‘flowing backbone’ demonstrating the journey through the print gallery  (At this stage only half of the pop art Doug print collection feature).

In the final instalment, Malcolm the moth (from Boodlebobs children’s stories and videos) features on his journey through the gallery, each print will be featured with an 8 to 12-second segment where the frames glass slides away (Making the framed images a lot more vibrant) a lower third infographic will flash up with the prints name, size, info etc.

A couple of seconds of movement/animation will feature in each print/picture.. (eg Harry Potter style talking paintings) where the eyes move or something else, before it, resets and continues its flow (using the backbone) onto the next painting.

The final stage of producing this video production will be adding short cutaways eg (Quotes, or relevant library footage), whilst re-cutting it to music targeted at different music genres, Spanish, Hip Hop, EDM etc…

The completed video will in effect be moving wallpaper and is anticipated to run for just short of an hour and will showcase all work from the print collection, including new Giclee prints that are undergoing conversion from works on paper/canvas and due to be released in 2022.

Doug Kemp Artist Blog & Posts

Hats Off to Art Mini Collection

Inspiration from their symbolism, elegance, and cultural significance a diverse array of hats, from dapper fedoras to avant-garde headwear.

Running Mini Collection

The running collection of paintings by Doug Kemp.  More paintings are planned for this growing collection.

USA Inspired Mini Collection

USA inspired mini collection. During the 1980s Doug took an assignment at MJS International Gallery in Fort Worth, Texas, and produced a small series of paintings. Although a relatively short time was spent there on that occasion, the experience appeared to have had a disproportionate influence on Doug's style of art.

Industrial Ad-hoc Mini Series

Industrial Mini Series - "Up the workers" had other, sad, connotations at the time for this Doug Kemp limited and ad-hoc fine art series

Art Lovers Mini Series

Some are self-portrait paintings featuring the alter ego of artist Doug Kemp together with the influences on his imagination.

Madonna Mini Series

A Madonna (ma-donna) has an obvious religious connection and is a representation of Mary, mother of Jesus in the Christian faith.

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ORDER NOW – New Limited Edition Giclee Artist Prints (Out Now)

By popular request, Doug Kemp paintings undergoing conversion into Giclee prints. These prints have been are now part of the post 2020 collection and available from our store.

peaches 62x62cm signed limited edition giclee print doug kemp popartdoug p1020103 framed optimized


Peaches. Acrylic Painting on Paper 24×24 Inches. Painted in the mid 1990s. Luke found this hidden gem in a roll of paintings. Doug was quite taken aback, as at the time of painting (25 years ago) he didn’t much like it. On reflection he has changed his mind.

not avon calling giclee signed limited edition artist pop art print doug kemp Framed optimized

Not Avon

Not Avon Giclee Print. Originally an acylic painting on paper from the late 1990s and produced as (no more than) 20 linocuts in the early 2000’s. Modified & reproduced in 2023 as 75 signed limited edition artist Giclee prints. Highly collectable.

Doug Kemp moonlight hero - Heroes villains collection 35 pop art giclee signed prints

Moonlight Hero

Moonlight Hero. Giclee Print. Originally an acylic painting on paper from the late 1990s and produced as (no more than) 20 linocuts in the early 2000’s. Modified & reproduced in 2023 as 35 signed limited edition artist Giclee prints as part of a Kickstarter campaign

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