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ART STORY – The Lady (Lucan) Painting Backstory

Lady Lucan 50×45 Inches Acrylic Pop Art Painting On Canvas Murder 2000s Artist Collection - Doug Kemp

The Lady – Acrylic Painting on Canvas 50×45 Inches by Artist Doug Kemp

Art story – The Lady Painting on Canvas 50×45 Inches – Fine Art by Doug Kemp on the gallery online.

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Who was lady Lucan

Lady Lucan’s name is Veronica Duncan.  And she was married to Lord Lucan, a British aristocrat and a notorious gambler who ran up huge gambling debts.

One dark night Lord Lucan went and hid in Lady Lucan’s dark kitchen when a woman came in. He hit her from behind, sadly it was the Nanny, the poor soul was dead. The then not so lucky Lord Lucan then made a run for it and was never seen again.

Lord and Lady Lucan Wikipedia image

Lady Lucan died in September 2017, the woman who was born Veronica Duncan in Bournemouth in 1937 was raised in South Africa by her mother and stepfather never wavered in her account of the events of the night of November 7 1974.

Only a few months before she died, she was found with a cocktail of drugs beside her, believing she had Parkinson’s disease, she continued to speak openly about the couple’s abusive marriage, first in an ITV documentary, My Husband, The Truth, and then in a headline-grabbing memoir, A Moment in Time.

In this documentary, she told Lord Lucan attempted to have her institutionalised, hiding her possessions in an effort to convince her she was losing her mind (ultimate “gas-lighting”), she stated he would beat her on the bare bottom in order to drive out “the madness” in her before sexual intercourse.

Read more about the hidden letters and lady Lucan’s final days

A timeline of tragedy – The Lucan marriage that would lead to murder and mystery

November 1963 – Richard John Bingham, soon to be the 7th Earl of Lucan, marries Veronica Duncan at Holy Trinity Church, Brompton, in London’s South Kensington.

End of 1972 –  Their marriage collapses and Lord Lucan moves out of the home, loses his battle for custody of their three children, and accumulates gambling losses.

November 7 1974 – The Lucans’ nanny, 29-year-old Sandra Rivett, is bludgeoned to death with a bandaged lead pipe in the dark of the basement kitchen of the Belgravia home while Lady Lucan is upstairs.

When Lady Lucan investigates the commotion, she too is attacked. She manages to escape and, covered in blood, raises the alarm in the nearby Plumbers Arms pub. Lady Lucan soon identifies the attacker as her husband, who has by now disappeared without a trace.

November 10 1974 – Lucan’s borrowed Ford Corsair is found abandoned in East Sussex, spattered with blood. A bandaged lead pipe covered in Rivett’s and Lady Lucan’s DNA is found in the boot.

June 1975 – At an inquest into Rivett’s death, Lucan is named as her killer. Meanwhile, various supposed sightings of him have been reported, including in Australia and France. He pops up everywhere from Guatemala to Iceland, Paraguay to Italy, but is never found.

1999 Lucan’s family is granted probate over his estate, but no death certificate is issued.

February 3 2016 – Lucan’s death certificate is issued after a High Court judge rules he is presumed dead.

June 5 2017 – In an interview for a documentary for ITV, Lady Lucan issues an apology over Rivett’s murder, saying she is “deeply sad” that her own marital problems caused her to die.

September 26 2017 Lady Lucan is found dead at her home at the age of 80, with a pill bottle under her body. She had spent her final years as a recluse.

January 10 2018 – An inquest hears Lady Lucan died from respiratory failure caused by barbiturates and alcohol poisoning.

2019 Letters from Lady Lucan to her solicitor are found under the floorboards of her former west London mews house, shedding new light on her relationship with Lord Lucan.

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This canvas painting is for sale.  Interested?  Contact us.

When painting on canvas I usually never approach any project in any particular order or theme, through time some works have become related series, which have been grouped together here in this collection titled ‘Murder, suicide & scandal art’.  Art Story By Doug Kemp

Doug Kemp’s art gallery is run by Doug’s brother Norm & his son Luke Kemp,  Luke also runs the following websites &  Norman & Luke are available for answering all queries from this sites contact page.

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